Pop 1975

Image published on: March 6, 2013
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Iz Gatefolda albuma ‘Pop’

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  1. jejeje aqui cada uno a lo suyo jejejej felicitar a las chicas y decirle a su presidente q se valla por la puertita de atras ahora q la gente esta contenta para q nadie valore todo el mal q ah echo por ese club un saludo y suerte chicas

  2. If you did address it with him later, he'd probably act as if he didn't know what you were talking about. As if it didn't happen. Do it if you'll feel better, though. Effed up situation.I can see why you didn't want to ruin Betty's birthday buy acting out as you wanted to. That would have been awful. But its probably the only thing that stops that kind of isht from men.

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